Monday, May 16, 2011

infusing hope: four things to remember {4}

I sometimes have to preach to myself. I have to make the words come out of my mouth so my doubting heart can hear. And then believe.

{number 4}

Remember his faithfulness and declare it. Out-loud.

Say it. Sing it. Proclaim it. However you want to declare it. Just let the words meet with the air. Let his praises grace our space. Let his past faithful acts mingle with the present. Here. And now.

Let those beside us partake of the blessing. Let those who share our moments hear, that they too may be stirred. And spurred towards faith in the faithful One.

Remember. Then declare. Out-loud.

Bringing it home...

OK, friend, it's your turn. Declare his faithfulness.

For those who have more time, read Joshua 4:1-7. How did Joshua lead the Israelites to remember? Why?

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